5 Ways to Make Money This Year

March 1st, 2015Posted by Jules

This year, you can make all the money you want. Yes, its true. That is because this year is not different from any year. The only thing that will make certain that you make the money you didn’t make last year is your dedication. You need to decide that you want to REALLY make money […]

How to Make Money Online for Free

February 16th, 2015Posted by Jules

For the past ten years millions of people have come online to learn how to make money. This is mainly because of the ease of making money online. There is little to no start up cost yet the reward is astounding. And many trooped into the online world. Yet after a while, some quit, others […]

Happy belated New Year

February 12th, 2015Posted by Jules

Yes, I know that one month has gone already from the new year. And the second month, February has gone half, but I just started writing again in this blog this year. So I felt that I should wish all my readers a Happy New Year. Anyway I did wish you guys a happy new […]

This year will be Different

February 11th, 2015Posted by Jules

Hello dear readers, its been long. Yes, o!. Hum, when was the last time I wrote in this blog. Ages ago, isn’t it. And my last post was not even on money and entrepreneurship, the main thrust of this blog. What’s more, the lection has been postponed, mtschew. I thought this whole thing will be […]

What I Think Of Governor Rochas Administration In Imo

October 30th, 2014Posted by Jules

This website is about ways and means to make money in a legal way, both online and offline. Yet, I can’t help but see what is happening in my state. Again politics affects our economy directly or indirectly so we have to speak out so that our future generations will have a better society to […]

Car pass Car!

August 17th, 2014Posted by Jules

Chei! My people, truly car pass car. I didn’t know that, there are people who can’t buy a car even with all their money. If you like the cars you see below, no amount of money in your bank account can get you one, unless, UNLESS, the owners invite you to buy. Imagine! But these […]

Are You Trapped In A Prison Of Lack? Is A Home-Based Business Your Way Out?

May 26th, 2014Posted by Jules

I read this article online, liked it and wanted to share it with you. Enjoy. Are you drowning in the frustration of working a job or not working because of loss of employment? Do you feel confined as if you are locked in a prison of defeat? You can unlock that door and have your […]

Beginners Guide To Investing

February 23rd, 2014Posted by Jules

Any beginners guide to investing is by its very nature a basic guide but it is important that anyone new to investing gets a few key points clear before they start.  Here we will cover some of the essential points but please keep in mind that investment in the stock market is a complicated and […]