How To Start A Blog With $3.95 (About N2000), Without Writing A Line Of Code

If you want to start a blog that makes money, then choosing hostgator for your hosting needs is the answer. Hostgator is one of the best hosting companies in the world and I’ve had good experience with them.

Blogging is one of the easiest ways of making money online. I’m sure you know a lot of bloggers in your country making huge amounts of money every month with their blogs. You too can make money from owning a blog and paying for web hosting is one of the smartest decisions you can make in your online career.

Hostgator is a very good hosting company, one of the best in 2017 and you can start hosting your blog with them with as little as $3.95 per month(you get it this low when you buy through my link). You’ll get more value when you pay for 36 months, 24 months or 12 months at once.

It’s the best value for your money when you pay for a longer duration. Also, you get to save money on your monthly fees greatly reduce than when you are paying for a single month. Again, you can concentrate on monetizing your blog instead of worrying about your hosting and domain fees.

I know, you may have heard of the free blogger website. But there are many reasons why you should not go that route (I’ll address this in a future post). The main reason is that you have no ‘right’ to your blog as it is hosted on the blogger platform owned by Google. You can’t really do much with your blog and they can close it at any time with no warning.

Believe me, if you want to make serious money from blogging, or you want to use your site as a freelancer, you need to appear professional to your potential clients and customers. And it starts with you getting a good hosting from Hostgator. Its cheap to get and you can get a domain name from them too. And that’s not the only reason to use them.

There are many reasons why you should choose Hostgator for your blog.

  • They offer excellent customer service. You can chat, call or email support if you need anything 24/7.
  • It’s quite easy to set up a wordpress blog with Hostgator, you can use the tutorial below.
  • Its extremely affordable – $3.95 especially if you pay for 36 months upfront.
  • You’ll look more professional to corporate bodies and organizations when you have your own site.
  • You can also pay monthly if you want, there is a lot of flexibility in payment.
  • If you want to make money from your host, you can only do that when you are self-hosted through hostgator.
  • It’s so easy to set up a blog with hostgator that ANYONE can do this. See my tutorial below.

Start your wordpress blog on Hostgator today!

There is a reason why many bloggers choose Hostgator for their hosting -they are one of the best out there. Ready to get started? Great! Just click this link to head over to hostgator right now. Here is the step-by-step process to help you in setting up your blog today.

  1. Register your Domain name

The first thing to do when you want to create a blog or website for your business is to get a memorable name for it. Use this link to pay for your hosting and register a domain name.

Think of a name that depicts what you want to do online, a name that aptly describes your product or service and chooses. However, don’t make it too long as short names are easier to remember.

In case you already have a domain name, don’t worry. Continue with step 2 and connect it using step 3 below. You can pay with your the card you get from your bank or you can use your Payoneer card.

         2. Get a Hosting for your blog

The next step after getting a domain name is to get the hosting. This is simply the service that makes sure that your website is available on the world wide web. So that when anyone types in your domain name is their url, your blog or site will come out for all to see.

If you already have a domain name for a domain registrar in step 1, this is where you now buy the hosting. Click on “Get Started” and choose the hatchling plan as that is enough to get you started. You can always go with the baby plan and business plan later when your business grows and you need more, but for now, the hatchling plan will do.

To get the cheapest price of $3.95 use my link and pay for 36 months upfront. You get the biggest bang for your money this way.

       3. Connect your domain and hosting

If you got a domain name from hostgator when you bought the hosting plan, skip this step and continue with step 4. But if you have bought a domain name from another company like GoDaddy, this step will help you connect it to your hostgator.

To connect your domain name and hosting, you need to set the nameservers. You do this by pointing your domain to the web hosting nameservers. Your hosting company will give the name servers you will use. It usually starts with ns1…aa…bb and ns2…aa…bb.

If you bought from GoDaddy, here is a tutorial on their sites on how to this. If you got your domain from Namecheap, here is a tutorial on how to do on their site. Just follow the steps in the links and then get back to hostgator to check that everything is in order. Its real easy.

    4. Install wordpress

This is a step that shows you how to install WordPress in your hostgator. After you’ve created your account and set up your password, hostgator guides you through a step by step way to build your blog. First, you need to install wordpress. You can do this easily by using the 1-step install through cpanel or softaculous. Just open the software you wish to use and click on wordpress. Click install and fill in your details. Here are some tips to guide you:

  • Choose a strong password that people cannot easily guess.
  • Never use admin as the username of WordPress blog. This is because it is easier for hackers to get you with it.
  • Install wordpress with the default theme. Then later you can go to the admin dashboard and choose a theme you like.
  • Save the information you receive in a safe place. It contains your WordPress login details.

That’s it. You now have a website of your own. You can add a blog to it, use the home page as a landing page/squeeze page or just make it a static page for your business.

If you sign up for hostgator hosting and at any time have any difficulty at all, just send a mail to the Hostgator team. You can also chat with them. They have the best support team available. You can also send me a mail and I’ll help you out.

This tutorial is simple to follow and literally, ANYONE can use it and set up their blog easily.

However, in case you are bogged down by work and you really want to start your blog this week, check my offer below.

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Hello, you read that right. If you buy your hosting through my link, I’ll set your blog for you. Just send the confirmation email that hostgator will send you after payment to my email – with HOSTGATOR HOSTING in the subject line. Then I’ll install WordPress for you, choose a great theme that will match your product or service and set up your first 3 pages – home, about us, contact us. If you refer two of your friends to sign up through my link, I write the first 2 articles on your blog free.

If you are an information marketer and wants to set sell info products on the site, I’ll set up your squeeze page on the homepage. I’ll write the words and use your images to set up a high converting squeeze page. If you refer 2 of your friends to buy through my link, I write the sales page for your product. Send me an email now to start – with HOSTGATOR HOSTING on the subject line.

You need to buy your hosting today as this is TRULY a Limited Time offer. It ends on the 29th of November 2017. This is because I can only work with a small number of people so that I can give them the best. So email me today.

Anyone can use a blog -business owner, affiliate marketer, information marketer, freelancer, you can use a blog for so many things. Email me today let’s start your online office.

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