Hi, I’m Julie and my favourite food is African Salad. I woulda put up a pic but this is not a food blog. Anyway just thought you should know :).

Now on to the business of this of this site.

You are welcome to moneyinayear.com, a site that is dedicated to improving your life by making available to you tools that will help you get the best in life.

Because I know how important money is to achieve what you want in life, I always strive to provide you with up-to-date, incisive, highly informative and interesting techniques that will help you make money both offline and online.

To achieve this there are great articles on our website http://www.moneyinayear.com. There are also videos, audios, software and other products you need available here.

I also give advice on any financial matters that is bothering you. Just call, text or send me an email with any question you may have.

Truly I am committed to your all round success.


To your prosperity

Ugo Julie


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