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 jules Jules


   Dear Friend,

Can you remember how many times you’ve found yourself asking these questions...?

“How will I ever have up to a million in my account and be referred to as a MILLIONAIRE?”

“How Can I ever have enough money to achieve these my obsessed and passionate dreams like: acquiring a modern building of my taste; and buying a very befitting Car?”

“When can I ever have enough guts to quit this my over-worked, but under-paid JOB?”

“When can I ever stop this hand- to- mouth arrangement? When can I ever have enough time and money to be able to go on some funfair vacations-even if it’s once every month?”

“How can I ever have enough money to buy those EXTRAS I know my family so much needs; each and every time the needs arise, so I can win their love and respect?”

And the list continues...

If you’ve been asking yourself these questions, I want you to know you are certainly not alone...

Yeah, cos many are they like you who are asking themselves those same frustrating questions but the answers are not forth coming...

And even your’s sincerely too- I once asked those same questions. I continued asking myself those questions for long but the more I asked, the more frustrated I became as the answers were not forth coming; because nobody was hearing me except myself.

But after much frustrations, I decided to go beyond self inquisitions and go out to seek the answers to the questions- how?

By buying every information I ever came across. I sacrificed the little comfort I got from the peanut I was earning all in desperate search for the answers to my mindboggling questions…

In search of a way out for an undying, age long dream of being a millionaire; living a luxurious life, having enough time for myself and family.

In short, living large...

But however, I didn’t want to make it thru ILLEGAL MEANS like: being an Internet scam (“Yahoo Yahoo”), or politics thru money laundering or any of the likes.

And neither thru quiz shows like...

Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?

Yeah, cos I know they can’t make anyone a millionaire. As a matter of fact, I know so many people who actually won some prizes even up to a million thru those quiz shows but never actually became a millionaire. Because the money went, as quickly as they came.

So I went in search of real, steady residual income-earning businesses. That can actually make me a millionaire and make me remain a millionaire for life...

So I bought everything that promised to show me how to be a millionaire...

Some worked- but could not stand the test of time. Others were bundles of only fluffs and fillers sold by these “Get Rich Quick Schemers” that promised to make me rich overnight without raising a finger.

But regardless, I persisted,  persisted and persisted until...

Finally I Unraveled The True Secrets Of Becoming
 And Remaining A Millionaire!

I learnt all about the qualities that make a millionaire. I learnt all about setting achievable goals. I also learnt, there is no wealthy person that makes all his wealth from a single income source, but thru...

Multiple streams of Income
But however, they all start from a single business which they concentrate their efforts, resources and nurture until it’s ESTABLISHED-then they start up another...

Hence they are the “Jacks of all trades that are the masters of all”...

Yep, we all know the cliché’ that says: “The Jack of all trades is the master of none”. That adage is true- but not completely true...

Because there are many jacks of all trades that are masters of all. Only I don’t want to mention anybody’s name. If not I would have mentioned about 50 renowned magnates and celebrities that are the Jacks of all trades but are the masters of all.

The Jack of all trade is the master of none- when he begins all the trades at once...

But the Jack of all trades can become the master of all when he establishes one business, before STARTING UP another.

All these are the unarguable facts I discovered in my search for practical answers to my ill-feeling and frustrating questions.

So if like me then, you use to ask yourself the same questions I used to ask myself...

 Then certainly my e-book, “5 Sure Ways To Make A Million In A Year”; a report that I explain even to the level of a primary school leaver (that can at least read)…

The little known qualities that makes a millionaire; the JEALOUSLY GUARDED secrets of exactly how to set achievable goals; and my 5 fire tried and proven , millionaire-making business modules is what you need to get those your aching questions answered in exactly one year from now...

Business Module 1

Stock Trading

In this business module, you’ll learn in no technical terms and head aching jargons

·         The Exact Play-Right Techniques That Guarantee  To Make You A Stock

Millionaire Even If You Are A Total Stock-Trading Dunce

·         The Simple Techniques On Exactly How To Study The Stock Market Before Buying Any Stock
So you Never get Your Fingers Burnt

·         The Insiders’ Underground Trade Rules Of When And How To Buy Stock
So You’ll Always Stand A Chance Of Making Mega Profit Every time And Cut Short (And Even Totally ) Your Chances Of Making Any Frustrating Losses

·         The Little Known Secrets Of How To Start Trading Stock Profitably
Even With As Little As N3,000(Just Like I Did At The Very Beginning)

·         The Easy Ways To Research About A Company Before Buying Stock
From Them So You Never Make The Wrong Choices ...

Business Module 2

Book Writing

In this business module, you’ll learn, in very simple and understandable guidelines:

·         The Easy Ways To Write A Riveting And Captivating Books (Like A Pro)
 Even If You Did Not Finish Secondary School But Can Read And Write Down Your Words

·         The Amazing Advertising Techniques That Guarantee To Turn Your Book Into An Instant-Bestseller
And Make Your Dream Of Becoming A Millionaire Come True In One Fell Swoop

·         You’ll Learn Why You Don’t Need To Be A Master Degree Holder In English Language Or Literature
To Be Able To Write Great Books And How To Overcome what is called “Writers’ Block”

·         You’ll Learn The Best Writing Practices And Techniques
So Anytime You Write, You’ll Appear As An Authority And Never Like A Wannabe

·         You’ll Learn How To Use The SUPER Power Of The Internet
To Get the News of Your Book, Spread Like Hammattan-Fire Around The Globe...

Business Module 3

Building and Selling Business

You’ll learn in this business module, as if I’m transferring knowledge and experience from my brain to yours:

·         The Easy Ways To Research, Know And Choose A Successful Business

·         How To Brand Your Business And Pull Yourself Out Of The Crowd So You Win People’s Heart And Get Them To Be Your Committed Customers

·         You’ll Learn The Importance Of Choosing A Good Business Identity And How It Can Give You A Great Edge Above Your Competitors

·         You’ll Learn Exactly How To Publicize Your Business And Get Obscene Exposure To Your Business Without Digging Pot-Holes In Your Pocket

·         You’ll Learn The Best Avenues To Build Your Business Around So It Doesn’t End Up Slaving You Instead Of Making You A Proud Business Owner

Business Module 4

Affiliate Marketing

In this module, here's what you'll get instant access to:

·         The Most Jealously Guarded Secrets Of Making Thousands Of Dollars Promoting Other People’s Product Online

·         How And Where To Find Profitable Products To Promote Online

·         The Secrets of Sending Massive Free And Paid Traffic To Your Affiliate Products Or Services You’re Promoting

·         The Simple Techniques On How To Quickly Compound Your Profits

·         How To Start Even If You Do Not Have The Money To Get A Website

Business Module 5

Organizing Seminars and Workshops

In this module, I cover virtually every area of organizing seminars and workshops including:

·         All the ins and outs of Exactly How To Plan A Staggeringly Successful Seminars And Workshops

·         The Hidden Strategies Of Making Huge Profit From Seminars And Workshops

·         All The Secret Pointers For A Customer-Satisfying Seminar Or Workshop

·         The Right Media To Advertise Your Seminar/Workshop For Great Turnover

·         An Unknown Secret Of How To Profit From Other People’s Seminar/Workshop Even When You Do Not Have A Dime On You

And much, much, more covered at the level of a secondary school or primary school leaver that can read and write...

As a matter of fact...

Here is what Pat Ogidi (www.DotComClass.com) has to say about the book

"One Of The Most Comprehensive Reports Ever On Wealth Creation!"

Emem Juliet's '5 Sure Ways To Be a Millionaire In A Year' is a 58 pages of complete, simple and no fluff guide on massive wealth creation.If you still count in thounsands, this book provides every tips you need to leap into the millionaire circle and make your first million guaranteed! If you're already a millionaire, you'll discover a few golden nuggets inside this book which will take you to another level.

Patrick Ogidi
Expert Social Media Consultant.

Here's one comment from Odili Emeke (Professional Copywriter, the Co-Owner of www.alexiocomputers.com)

“Be A Millionaire in a Year is very eye-opening-and full of real and practical steps for anyone actually determined to be a millionaire to fulfill his or her dream fast. And the best part of the book is that it was written in very simple language anyone can understand. I strongly recommend “5 Sure Ways To Make A Million In A Year” for anyone who is really determined to be a millionaire one year from now.”

Now How Much Can You Possibly Pay For Your
Key To Becoming A Millionaire One Year From Now?

Could N10, 000 be fair enough for me to hand you over all the secrets I gathered thru years of many costly trials by error(which you no longer have to go thru)? Surely it is- and even worth more.

But I’m not going to charge you that much...

What if I say N5500? I think that’s fairer. But nope, I won’t charge you that.

 But For only a very limited time! You can order



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And immediately I confirm your payment, your Millionaire Making Report

5 Sure Ways To Make A Million In A Year “will arrive your inbox in less than 30 minutes.

And even better news...

If you order now at this testing price, you’ll receive these...

5 Incredible Early-Bird Bonuses

    Bonus #1 The ebook "66 Ways to Save Money". worth $37  FREE.

ü Bonus #2 An ebook about the Internet, “Beginners Internet Guide” worth $15 FREE

ü Bonus #3 Another ebook “How to Make Money with Liberty Reserve”  worth  $15 FREE

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NOW STOP! and imagine what life will be like when you start using the secrets outlined in “5 Sure Ways To Make A Million In A Year” . When you get access to these secrets, You’ll be able to achieve those your Passionate and Elegant dreams of:

·         Becoming  a millionaire and laughing at money worries

·          Acquiring a modern building of your taste and buying a very befitting Car

·         Having enough guts to quit that your over-worked, but Under-paid job

·         Putting an end to that your hand-to-mouth arrangement

·         Having enough time and money to  be able to go on some fun-vacations-even if it’s once every month

·         Buying those extras you so much desire for your family so you can win their love and respect

And much, much more...

So don’t wait! Act Now!

Or are you scared? So how do I prove to you that my product will absolutely deliver everything as I promise?

 Should I have snapped a photograph of myself in a car to add to my site; like we see in other sites?

 But how do you know if it’s not a borrowed car?

 Or should I have added a photograph of myself in an aircraft; travelling on a vacation to the Caribbean Island to my site; like we see in the sites of these desperate so-called info marketers’?

 But how do you know if I didn’t just go to the Airport and asked my friend to let me enter the plane and just snap a quick photograph like most of these so-called info marketers do?  

 Or should I have added a short movie clip of me, cruising the latest “Hummer Jeep” and parking in a VERY CLEAN, all-tiled compound with a modern mansion and swimming pool on it; like we see in some sites?

 What if I hired a cameraman, hired the Jeep, paid a hotel and acted all that out- how will you know?

All these are the  tricks these desperate, so-called Internet marketers use to trick people into believing that their products actually work and at the end, when you buy them, they are only bunches of garbage that are fit for nothing than being thrown to the recycle bin.

I know you’re probably aware of these glaring gimmicks- so unlike the other desperate guys, who are simply out on the net to rip-off less experienced online information seekers, their hard-earned money ; I won’t try to fool you with all that BULLSHITS…

Not because I don’t actually have a good car or that I don’t fly Aircrafts to vacations. But because I know you are smart and will not allow yourself to be fooled by all that lame tricks.  

So for me to prove to you that I TOTALLY trust in the deliverability of my eBook, I’m going to wager on it: am going to put my money where my mouth is- with…

My One Year, More Than Take-It-To-The-Bank,
 Money Back Guarantee!

YES I promise that if after one year, you’ve applied everything I teach in “5 Sure Ways To Make A Million In A Year” and you discover they are not working as I said they would: that is, you’re are not able to laugh at money worries plus have enough guts to fire your boss .

 Request for a full refund of your money and I’ll offer you a courteous refund of your money back to you. No questions asked!

Yes, am taking all the risk for you and I don’t want you to take my word, or Mr. Emeke Odili’s word for it.

I want you to actually try it out and find out for yourself if these my 5 business modules can actually help you end your money worries and make you fit enough to quit that your job in exactly one year from now like I promise. If not you can request for your full money back and I’ll offer you a courteous refund no-quibbles!

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Be A Millionaire: 5 Ways To Make A Million In A Year “ will arrive your inbox in less than 30 minutes.

YES, you need to order now! to take a step above the rest wishers. What many people call dreams are actually mere wishes .

Wishers are people who just fantasize about their future without actually taking the necessary steps to achieving them.

While dreamers on the other hand are people who imagine and conceive things in their hearts and take practical steps to bring them to reality.

When Napoleon Hills said “What ever you can conceive and imagine in your mind you can achieve it”; He was not referring to wishers but real dreamers.

Dreamers are the people who take practical steps to make things happen-while wishers on the other hand, are people who hope on fortune to smile on them without taking any practical steps.

No wonder Benjamin Franklin said “He who hopes on fortune should be ready to go to bed without dinner”.

So my friend, if you’re really serious about bringing your dreams to reality for everyone to see, Hurry down to 

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5 Sure Ways To Make A Million In A Year “ will arrive your inbox in less than 30 minutes.


Juliet Emem

P.S This program is guaranteed for a full year. So am saying don't believe me, believe yourself!  All I ask is, you order it now at the testing price and find out for yourself if these businesses can actually deliver what I promise. If not request for a refund and your money will be refunded back to you in full.

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