A Card for Online Transactions

Many Nigerians have been searching for a card they can use online to do transactions. Importers especially have been wondering which they can use on the various sites they want to source goods from. If you want to get into importing, you should get this book “Start Your Import Business with N10,000”. This book clearly explains how to get into the import business. Now with this card I’ll show you now you can use on all the import sites in the book without any problem.

Many times we, the online entrepreneurs want to transact business online but the lack of  a very easy way of transferring money is hindering us. Yes its not when we want to buy from abroad that we need a good card. Sometimes we may want to pay for services online or do some other shopping. Now the problem is solved,. Now we have a card that we can use on almost all the sites on the world and it will be accepted.

With this card, you get instant funding and you start using it instantly. ok let me let the cat out of the bag.

The card I’m talking about is the UBA Visa Africard . you can get yours by going to any UBA branch in Nigeria. Tell them you came for the UBA Africard. They will give a form to fill. Tick visa when you come to the choice of card. There re two types of the africard you can get- the instant and personalized.

The cost of the instant is just N500. The difference between the instant and the personalized  is that the instant doesn’t have your name on it. While the other type is the personalized card. This one has your name on it. It cost N750 and you have wait for 3-7 days before you get the card.

Funding cost N100, while every transaction is 2.75%. You can go to the UBA website www.ubagroup.com to read more about the card. You can start using the card online the same day you get it. Just load it with money and you are good to go.

The best thing about this card to me is that you can load in Naira. Other cards I’ve used needed funding in dollars but with this put the amount in Naira you want to use in it and go ahead an do your online transactions. The current exchange rate is used on the card at the time of transaction. So make sure you have enough money for your goods and services as well as the transaction of 2.75% Go get you card today.

Do you already have this card; share your experience with it below. Just click on comments and write about it.

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