Daily Deal Sites in Nigeria

Deal sites in Nigeria are the popular groupon site in America. This is a site that where you can buy things at a very cheap price much lower than the price in the market.


You can buy things at a lower price because it is a deal, it only lasts for a number of days and stops. So if you want to take advantage of the low price, you need to buy it at that time and also redeem your coupon before it expires.


This is how it works. You go to a deal site, see a deal you like – either a product or service you want to use. You then click on buy now, purchase the deal, print out your coupon, a kind of receipt. This is what you’ll use for redemption. Assume you a deal for teeth whitening, you take your coupon to the dentist who owns the deal and get your teeth whitening done.


The increasing internet use in Nigeria has really helped the rising use of deal sites by Nigerians. You can read my article on ecommerce sites in the country; it’s the same thing happening here. Nigerians are getting more and more tuned to the idea of buying things online as its easier and more convininet and now you even get a deal.


You can save a lot of money by using a deal site. Some of the deal sites in Nigeria that I’m aware are


  1. Mocality deals: They run a number of deals ranging from food, cosmetics, phone accessories, to clothing. Check them out, they are really good. Also you can redeem your coupons at their office or at the merchant place depending on the terms of the deal. You can subscribe to their newsletter so you can be alerted of daily deals. You can find them at http://deals.mocality.com.
  2. Dealdey: this is another big deal site in Nigeria. They also have a lot of deals ranging from computer and its accessories to clothes to movies and food. You can find them at www.dealdey.com
  3. Wazobia deals: this is a new one. They don’t have much deal on their site at the time of writing this but I’m sure they will improve. They are www.wazobiadeals.com


What do you think? Have used any of these sites before, what was your experience? Are there other deal sites out there not included here? Your comments are welcome. Remember to share this article with your friends in facebook, twitter and others.


  1. Ed Bohm said:

    Here is a current list of all daily deal sites in Nigeria on dailydealgame.com

    Should you know of any other deal sites please let us know.

    Daily Deals sites in Nigeria

    March 3, 2013
    • Jules said:

      Thanks for that.

      March 7, 2013
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