Difference between an Article, an SEO article and a Blog post

Most times people use the words article and blog post simultaneously. While some feel that they are the same, others say there are differences. Well I’m here to give my own opinion, from my years of freelancing on the article writing niche.

The three terms above are all articles but there are different types of articles. An article as referred to in many freelancing sites is a written content of words between 350-500 words. It may contain little or no research work. It can be used in a static or dynamic website. It is usually written in a second or third person. It usually doesn’t express an opinion but the results of the research if any.

An SEO article on the other hand is an article written basically for the search engines. It usually contains reasonable content but the major focus is on the keywords needed to rank in the search engines. The keywords are strategically placed in the article body at different points. A good SEO article usually have a keyword density of 3-5% and should have a main keywords and 1-2 sub keywords. The length varies from 400-700 words.

A blog post is an article that is written primarily to elicit a reaction. It cold be to buy a product or service, subscribe to a newsletter, get more opinions or even to get answers to a question. It is usually an opinionated write-up. It is easily scanable because it broken into parts with sub-headings. This quality makes t to be easily shared in the social media and so draws more opinion to the write-up. It is usually written to draw comments from the readers. The length varies but it is mostly short. There are blog posts as shorts as 300 and ones as long as 1000 words.

But these are not the only types of articles you can find int eh article writing world. There are many pothers, like sales letter, landing page content, academic writing and others. There is a popular one found in many website which I would like to call a research article. This is mostly found in magazines, newspapers and authority websites. They are usually long, with length ranging from 50-2500 words. This type of article involves a lot of research and sometimes uses inputs from a case study or interview.

What type of article do you think this is? I mean this one you are reading now?

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