Happy belated New Year

mny2Yes, I know that one month has gone already from the new year. And the second month, February has gone half, but I just started writing again in this blog this year. So I felt that I should wish all my readers a Happy New Year.

Anyway I did wish you guys a happy new year in facebook. Talking of facebook, do you know that they closed my account for no just cause. I wasn’t even informed of anything about my account, no complaint, no thing, just …sooosh, my account is suspended. Well, I have reported to have it back, yet have heard nothing from them. In the meantime you can follow me on twitter @moneyinayear for updates.

This laxity of writing has to stop this year, I have made up my mind. Ah ah, is this how we are going to make the money. No nah, so I have resolved that I must be more regular this year on this blog. Shout out to all that asked after me, I’m here now. You are going to get all the juiciest money making tips and tricks here, from me, this year and onwards. You don’t want to miss it.

So to my fellow foot draggers, that is those that are still saying, ‘I will do’- we are in the middle of February oh. Better stop saying ‘I will’ and get to work. We must make am this year. I am writing for both of us, no more dragging of feet. Get up and get going. That is why I wished a belated happpy new year.

2015 has started, let’s get to work. Remember not to live someone’s else dream, live your dream to the fullest.

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