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Updated Aug 2017

Many people are eager to begin sourcing products from abroad, most especially from China. And with good reason- the high-profit margin of the goods imported. If that’s what you’d like to do as well, you’ll do well to get these books. Now take time to read them well before you get started. You can now get your share of the wealth and riches to be had from import. Yes! What more you can do it from the comfort of your house.

I have done it, many others have and so can you. Importing is a process of getting goods from another country into your own country. People get into importation because they saw that those goods can be gotten cheaply abroad. So they bring it in and make huge profits from reselling it in their country.

This is a business that you can start with as little as 10k and be sure of at least 100k every month. Yeah, I know what you are probably thinking. In this recession, with the high cost of dollar! No way, I’m not importing anything!

Relax, it is easy if you know how. And it is quite profitable too. Plus, you can start with 10k and then build from there. To be successful in the import business, you need to play by certain rules. Everything in life is risky moreso in business. Therefore you should be more careful when dealing with suppliers from other continents.

But what is importation all about. This is simply the act of bringing in goods into your country from another country. When you buy goods from USA, Germany, China, Saudi Arabia, etc and bring into Nigeria for sales, you are importing.

Before now, this was the business of the ‘big boys’, those with millions of naira that buy container loads of merchandise and ship to Nigeria. When the ship lands they will clear it and spend time and money hassling with
customs and other agencies before the goods get to market. This usually takes months, sometimes up to a year.

But with the advent of technology, you can buy something in America today and get it delivered in your house in 2 weeks or less. The same goes for any other country. But, how do I make money with this? I know that’s your question, I’ll tell you the answer.

Find people with needs, get them the solution and make your money. So the first step is to find your market.
Your job is to look around you, check what is needed in your neighbourhood that is not available. What is it that people go a far distance to buy? What is it that will make people’s life easier if only they can have it? What would make the lives of housewives in your street easier or the students in your school? These are your market. Buy the goods and sell to them and make your profit.

Now where you can buy these goods? There are many sites you can do this, and much more are coming up everywhere. But the most popular ones are:

– Amazon.com

– Alibaba.com

– Ebay.com

– Madeinchina.com

– Aliexpress.com

– Dx.com


If you want to learn about how to make a consistent 6 -7 figures monthly, in profit, from this business, then you need to get the import packages. Click here to get it.

Have you already started the importation business? Do you have any questions about it? Ask in the comments below.


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  1. adewumi said:

    my boss good morning pls i need your assestant on this business thanks

    July 2, 2017
    • Ugo Julie said:

      Hi Adewumi, what kind of assistance do you need? You can send me an email info@moneyinayear.com to explain further if you like.

      July 2, 2017

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