Invest for the Future

A bank account seems like the perfect type of investment until you realize that the interest you earn hardly keeps up with inflation. In today’s world it is not enough to have just one stream of income. If you are a salary earner you shouldn’t depend on your salary alone to survive. This is because things are moving at a faster pace than before, inflation is on the rise and economic depressions and recession are on the increase. Not to talk of increasing population of humans.

What do we do? Do we sit down, fold our hands and cry? No, we have to adapt to the situation we find ourselves. As the saying goes change is the only constant thing in life. Therefore we change with the situation. We adapt to our world. Our forefathers had only one stream of income and they survived but not us. We need more. We need to have multiple streams of income.

To really survive our times you need to save your money at least some of it. Don’t spend all, keep some for the rainy. Rich people save some of their money and spend the rest on things. On the contrary poor people spend their money and save the remainder. Most times there is no remainder. What with school fees, power bill, water rate, rent at home and shop (for businessmen), hospital bills, taking care of the extended families etc. Well in spite of all this we can still save.

After saving some of your money, go further than that and invest your money. That is the way you can ensure a sustainable future for yourself and your loved ones. Investment is really the key. To ensure a secure future, I mean a really secure financial future for you and your family you need to go beyond saving some of your money. You need to invest.

Investment is the answer. There are many millionaires today in the world that made their millions through investment. Examples are warren buffet, Robert Allen, Robert Kiyosaki, Aliko Dangote, and Oba Otudeko and others. Yes investing is not all about stocks.

You can build businesses and use it to secure your financial future instead of depending on the government or your employer for your future finance. I’m not saying you should not work hard for your boss, or government. No far form it, by all means work very hard. That way you get to earn more.

I’m just saying as you working hard and earning much remember the future. I’m sure there are many beautiful things you’ve planned for yourself in the future. Like buying a new car, living in your own house, sending your children to the best schools either here or abroad and others. Now tell me how will you be able to do all these without money and lots of it? Investment will ensure that you get the future you want. Because investing assures you of steady and reliable passive income stream.

There are so many areas one can invest in. You can invest in stocks, bond, mutual funds, real estate, forex trading and businesses. You can also invest in yourself. That is you decide to give yourself the best things in life, take good care of yourself, live healthy.

You can decide on giving yourself the best education, and so you use your money to go further in your education and go on be a professor in your area of specialization. You can also invest in your family, that is give them time love and money give them the best in life. But, let’s tell to truth here to really be able to take care of yourself or your family, needs money. Pure and simple. Money.

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