How to Make Money Designing Websites

There are more than 28 million Nigerians online, with up to a billion people worldwide online. One billion people are online today but there are only about 50 million websites. Of the remaining, about half of them need a website.

It is not only business men and women that need websites, schools, churches, government agencies and parastatals, agencies, corporations, non-governmental organizations also need one. Also professional like doctors, lawyers, architects, surveyors, builders and the rest all need a website. If you know how to design site you can concentrate on the Nigeria marketplace or have a worldwide market, its your choice.

The web design market is a very large one. It is a field that has not reached its peak yet, it is growing and growing everyday. Webdesign  is a very, very lucrative field. Now why would anyone have a website, why would a business owner pay you N50,000, N75,000 or N100,000 to build a website for them.

Because they know the reasons for being online these days: Customers and potential customers are already searching the Web, your web site will promote your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, a website helps you to Network, a website increases your credibility in the business world. Besides your competitors are probably already on the Web and it is an inexpensive way to provide information about your business.

Now how do you develop websites for the people that need them. There are many routes you can go in this case. You use static pages like html but to really develop great interactive sites, you need CMS. There are many available like drupal, wordpress, joomla, textpattern, movable type but the most popular is wordpress. It was formerly used as a blog platform but it has evolved as something you can use to develop wonderful websites like ecommerce, gallery and even portfolio sites.

There is a step –by – step video and manual in this wordpress design kit that will help you learn how to design great sites with wordpress. With this kit, you can make money designing websites using wordpress as the CMS within two weeks. Even if you have never touched a mouse before, don’t worry, this kit was designed with the beginner in mind. You’ll get everything you need from this video and the accompanying ebook, plus the bonus themes and plugins. Get your kit today, click here.

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