How to Post a Comment in a Blog or Website

Hey, I noticed many of you read my blog but I don’t see much comments. It could be due to various reasons but let me address the know-how.


When you go to a website or blog like this one,, and you see an interesting topic, click on it to read. That will make it exand and fill the computer space for it and the read more button will disappear too, like you see here.


So click on the topic, that is the header, usually in red or blue, but bigger and bolder fonts. It will refresh the page and the full article will be in view, then start reading. At the end, you will see comment or leave a reply. Most times there’ll be a box with name, email, website and space for your comments.


If you don’t see the box, click on the comments or leave a reply and it will appear. Then write your comments. Posting comments on high traffic blogs like mine (ahem ahem), will help you in no small measure to get high rankings in the search engines. It is one the fastest and best ways to get traffic to your site and get good back links that will increase your search engines rankings.


So keep visiting my site and read the great articles and post your comments. I appreciate them. Oh do leave a reasonable and informative comments. You can even win prises by commenting, see the win prizes page. And use the social media buttons to share the post too. See ya.

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