How to start a Business with 10k

Do you want to start a business?

But the dwindling economy is making you have a rethink?

You wonder if it is possible especially in this recession. Well, wonder no more. It is possible t start and successfully run a business with little money. If you are a stay at home, a recent graduate, and you want to start a little business so you can have money for expenses, you can do it.

You don’t need to study business administration before you can do business. You also don’t need to go for an MBA before you can a venture that put food on the table of you family. Even of you just lost your job, you can still start a business with what you have and get your family the needed daily bread.

What if you’ve been dealt a heavy blow financially, such that you have no penny in your account right now? Don’t worry, you can still make it.

You are alive, aren’t you? As long there is life there is hope. You have your hands, feet and all parts of your body working. You are in good health, count yourself lucky. Many will trade places with you.

Start with what you have and before you know, you have built a business that your kids will inherit. Anyway, if you have no money at all, consider these steps to get it.

  • Exchange your services for money: There must be something you can do that many people are willing to pay for. You can do mason work, you can cut grasses, etc. Yes, they are menial jobs but they can put money in your pocket. If you are covered about what people will say, then hunger will send you to an early grave my friend. God forbid though.
  • Think of what you can sell: Look around your house and check for things that you are no longer using. Again you might be using but not often and if it is not a necessity, sell it. You can easily anything by checking one of these sites. You can start a business of selling old, used things. From books to DVD, to electronics, computers, you can sell anything. Once the person who needs it, sees it, they will pay any amount to have it.

You can also download this free ebook that shows you how to start a business with 10k. [mailerlite_form form_id=2] What? You don’t have ten thousand naira. But I just showed two great methods of making 10,000 in a week. Lots of testimonies have started pouring in from people who have read this book and the accompanying bonuses. Here is one:

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With a little money, you can easily start a business, you don’t need millions. Right now, check your vicinity and find out what people need and provide it for them. They will reward you with money. Not sure of what business you can provide in your neighbourhood, see another testimony from those who have got the book and picked one business idea:

“Madam, you are what you call yourself [money making machine] the idea is great let me put myself together and start from that. and I know I will make it thanks.” – Friday L.

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As I advised in the book, the key is to start small, then learn on the job. As you go along, you’ll be able to spot mistakes, know the type of customers who buy well and pay best, know what goods sell more and then scale. You will know of (if any) government regulations and taxes regarding your business.

The mistake some make when they are starting a business is to in with all the money in their account. If something goes wrong, they lose all and then regret starting a business. Don’t make this mistake. Even if you have all the money, start small, and in 6-9 months, you can scale up. That way, you are sure of success.

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