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  1. Use the KISS principle. Keep it simple, stupid. That’s the principle I like and always use. Don’t make it complicated when you are just starting out.
  2. Accept responsibility for your financial status. Stop blaming your parents, colleagues or your boss for your woes in money matters. You and you alone are responsible.

Investing Saving Money

Do you need to be rich? Well after all said and done only you can answer that question. Because you have in your own hands the power to change your financial destiny.

Who is the person that told you to give up when your plans didn’t work out very well? Who told you that it can’t work? You did. You told yourself that it is of no use, that it won’t work. And so only you can pick yourself up again and work hard and get rich.

Financial freedom is the goal of ninety-eight percent of the world’s population today. Even a child of three years