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Updated Aug 2017 Many people are eager to begin sourcing products from abroad, most especially from China. And with good reason- the high-profit margin of the goods imported. If that’s…

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Do you want to start a business? But the dwindling economy is making you have a rethink? You wonder if it is possible especially in this recession. Well, wonder no…

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As a beginner, you have to be willing to keep your eyes and ears open, using the experience of others to learn the tricks of the trade as you go along.

One of the best ways to do this is by frequenting Forums that specialize in Affiliate Marketing, reading others members’ posts and asking questions yourself. Devour everything that pertains to getting ahead in this business; the equivalent of an MBA degree is available to you in these Forums – and, at just the right price. There’s no substitute for this kind of hands-on-learning.

INVEST TIME AND EFFORT: The second quality one must possess is the willingness to invest time and effort in growing your business, even if direct results don’t seem readily apparent. Although weeks may pass by without good news, it’s important for anyone who has his/her foot in the business to hold on and wait.

Resist throwing in the towel prematurely. This is the core quality that will help keep you on course despite any discouraging setbacks you may run into. The patient dog eats the fattest bone.


UNWAVERING DETERMINATION: The third quality you must possess is an unblinking determination. If you want to conquer the affiliate marketing world, you must have the ability to push yourself ahead. The ability to motivate yourself into scaling greater and greater heights will determine the kind of future you create.

Never knowing when to quit is an attribute that each and every beginning Affiliate Marketer needs to have in bunches. In fact, in any endeavor, this persistence that screams to the world “No, I won’t budge!” is what distinguishes the winners from the also-rans.


YOU MUST BE DISCIPLINED: The fourth quality you must have is self-discipline. If you teach yourself to work everyday with all the energy your heart can muster, then you’re closer to achieving whatever goals your mind can conceive.

Once you start to slack off, the whole house of cards you’re building begins to Continue reading “5 Essential Qualities You Need for Explosive Success in Affiliate Marketing (II)” »

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Finally we have radio and television commercials. These are great ways to advertise but can be costly. The reason they are so great is because they let you see and hear the advertisement. Something is much more likely to get stuck in people’s minds when it is both seen and heard rather than just read. There is a downside to this, however it is not as negative as that of the print advertising. The down side of the tv or radio commercial is that people get annoyed because there are so many commercials. The thing that gets you around this as a business is that they have learned to accept that there are commercials that must be run for the tv show or radio show to stay on the air. Another downside however that is a little more detrimental is the increased popularity of DVR, a recorder for the TV Continue reading “Advertising in Concessions (II)” »


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There are a couple of truths that seem to apply to many small businesses, especially ones that are also newly established.  One of them is that budgets do not allow for all ideas to be implemented.  Another is that advertising is necessary.  A quick look over these two statements will result in a belief that they are contradictory factors of a business if they are both true.  That is unfortunately a misconception held by many new business owners.  As we all know the majority of new business do not make it past their second year in business.


One of the factors that can militate against the difficulties of establishing a new, small business is the belief that money  is important to sustain the business but not to be spent on advertising.  The allocation of money to advertising usually has a very low priority in a small businesses budget.  This is a mistake, advertising is necessary, but there are a number of ways that it can be done in a cost effective manner.


First on a businesses list should be the largest yellow pages ad they are able to afford.  Although the phone book is an old form of advertising with the importance that the internet is taking on, this is still one of the first things potential clients do when looking for a business or product.


Other print advertising ideas can be done with newspaper Continue reading “Advertising Ideas To Get Your Mind Bubbling” »