WordPress Plugins

WordPress is a blogging platform that uses a lot of plugins and which you have a lot of themes to choose from. It is an open source publishing tool that can also be used for blog. It is free and easy to use software that anyone can use to build and maintan website or blog. You can either the host it your self or host it on the wordpress domain. WordPress really is one of the most effective pieces of software available for web design.

By using WordPress.org, you are also given instant access to plugins and tools that aren’t available in other blogging platforms. These tools can make your blog more favorable to the search engines, as well as more unique to your visitors. We’ll go through these plugins later. A plugin is usually used to extend the functionality of your blog or site.

Optimize Your WordPress Blog With Free Plugins

There are many plugins like Askimet, All-in one Seo,WPTouch and others. We’ll look at later. But for now we are looking at a very good and free wordpress plugin that you can use for site now.

Everyone loves a freebie, right? Luckily for you, WordPress software is

free, and so are most of the plugins. There are so many free WordPress

plugins, for your blogging enjoyment. An example is the wordpress slide-in plugin. It is a very useful plugin that allows you to get more subscribers to your blog. And you know what it is completely free. Get it here.

This plugin allows you to create ads that slide up from the bottom of your blog, giving you an easy way to build your list or promote other offers. The cool thing about this plugin is you can add a bunch of different slide ins to the plugin, and they will all rotate across your blog. You can even have it enter from the top, bottom, or either side of the screen if you want. Get it here.

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